UCR Riverside

Mission: Possible

Welcome to Mission: Possible 5!

Welcome agents to Mission: Possible 5! If creating new healthy habits seems impossible, "Mission: Possible! Season 5" is here to help.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to form a team of 4 to complete "confidential" missions. Each week you will receive a video transmission from Mission Command assigning you your weekly mission. Please use this on-line website to track your daily mission data. (*missions focus on daily healthy habits such as nutrition, activity, and stress management and can be done on your own or with your team members).

Please remember to record all your information each day or week so that it counts towards your team totals!

How to get started: 

Team Captains: Click on My Profile and create a new team

Next, click on Invite a Friend to add your team members. 

Good luck agents!

Mission Commander Nicole